Fort conquer hack

Fort conquer hack

♨Must be rooted♨
*This does not work all games*

1. Download and install Freedom here:

2. Go into Settings and change the Time Zone to Moscow (+4:00).

3. Open Freedom and wait for it to load.

4. Make sure Freedom is shown in notifications and then choose the game. If opening the game inside Freedom doesn't work, then open the game outside of Freedom.

5. Choose to buy more currency in the store within the game and wait for Play Store to load.

6. After Play Store has loaded, it should say Free Card in the payment type box. Press buy and accept. The game should then come back up with the new purchase. If you can't purchase any in-game items with the new currency you just bought, then close the game and re-open it. Have fun!

*Again you MUST be ROOTED*
*Again this does not work for all games*

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If you are getting the No Connection Error, watch this:

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